Helping all neighbors grow healthy food and relationships

I am grieving and disturbed by the recent events highlighting racial injustice in our community and country. My pain is growing as I learn the depths of systemic racism and my complicity. I also recognize that the pain of the oppressed far surpasses my own. I long to help all neighbors, human and other-than-human, to experience abundant life. I want to live and lead in a way that puts the needs of others above my own, but I also know my lifestyle is full of comforts and conveniences that have been made possible by the racism, oppression, genocide, and theft that took place over the past several centuries.

I’m trying to listen, hoping to be transformed, and willing to act. I encourage you to listen to the voices of the Black community and be ready to act for equity and justice. Please listen for the voices of all the oppressed people, places, plants and animals and do what you can to empower and amplify them.

We are better together and need one another on this journey to reduce racism and seek reconciliation. Please reach out if you’d like to talk, have a resource to share, or need a word of encouragement or prayer. Finally, this Friday at the market we’ll donate 25% of all sales/donations to World Relief Spokane to support their work with local immigrants and refugees, largely people of color. You can also support them directly at

Johnny, Growing Neighbors Director

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