Little Free Pantries are Spreading!

We recently installed 6 Little Free Pantries in partnership with Caritas and NW Harvest! We have 1 more built and ready to go, and 6 more in process. We love the 24/7, low-barrier food access these pantries provide. We especially love when they are installed by an edible garden to help provide food that is as local and healthy as possible, year-round. Jonathan and his family installed an LFP on their property (including a candy cane dispenser), they are helping to stock others, and they are planning to add a garden nearby this spring! Find food or help stock a pantry at:

  • Shadle Park Presbyterian Church
  • 2506 W. Rowan Ave.
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Emmaus Church
  • Salem Lutheran Church
  • St. Francis of Assisi Church
  • St. Andrews Episcopal Church
  • Fowler United Methodist
  • Northside Church of Christ
  • Neurotherapy Northwest
  • 4017 W. Queen Ave.
  • 6718 N. Wall St.
  • 2603 W. Broad
  • 3005 W. Rowan Ave.
  • W. 2330 Sharp Ave.
  • 1428 W. Broadway Ave.

Do you know of others? Please let us know! Can you help fund, build, paint, install, host, stock, or locate a good site for an LFP? Let’s keep reducing transportation barriers to nutritious food!

2 thoughts on “Little Free Pantries are Spreading!

  1. Hi my name is Jennifer Franks my daughter and I put food packs out of our home to who ever needs food. We would love to help with the little food pantries please contact me at 509-866-2562 or


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