Little Free Pantries w/ Youth Build

We are so glad to be partnering with the YouthBuild program to build Little Free Pantries. Steve (left) and his crew, including Ricky (right), have completed 6 and are preparing to build 6 more. We hope to install some this week, but they aren’t all spoken for. Do you know of a good host site that has high visibility and traffic and isn’t too close to an existing LFP? We love the 24/7, low-barrier food access these pantries provide as well as a way for neighbors to connect and care for one another. We especially love when they are installed by an edible garden to help provide food that is as local and healthy as possible, year-round.

6 thoughts on “Little Free Pantries w/ Youth Build

  1. Hi my name is Autumn and I live in medical lake. I would love to get more information about having a good pantry installed here in medical lake for our community as we have a food bank but they can only do so much.


    1. Hey Autumn,
      Thanks so much for your interest in getting a Little Free Pantry in Medical Lake. We’d love to work with you on that. Can you please send us a message through our Contact Us link so we can discuss more details? Thanks!


    1. Hey Dwight! Thanks so much for reaching out about being a point of contact for your neighborhood! Can you please share your contact info with us by sending a message through our Contact Us link? We’d love to stay in touch!


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