February Updates

Jack and Joy celebrating the new Little Free Pantry installed at 3304 E. Gordon!

  • Check our website calendar at: www.growingneighbors.org/calendar for upcoming events we’re hosting and those of other great partners. 
  • New community gardens are going in this spring at homes, schools, and churches including Lidgerwood Presbyterian. Want to help start or expand a garden in your neighborhood?
  • Sustainable Food Deliveries are now runnin’ in 7 neighborhoods including East Central with the Martin Luther King Jr. Center! We need your help delivering to your local neighbors, whether you’re up for doing it via bicycle or otherwise. Most volunteers help for about an hour a week to care for neighbors with mobility challenges.
  • Little Free Pantries are getting connected to our delivery routes to make sure they stay well stocked. Also, we’re so glad to be partnering with Jack, Mike, Chris and the folks from the Little Free Pantry Spokane Facebook page! Feel free to share or access food anytime at any of these pantry locations.
  • Community Composting pilot is heatin’ up in the Shadle area. We’re preparing to offer instructions and buckets for neighbors to fill with compostables that will be delivered to our bins at Shadle Church. We need help managing this system and expanding it to other areas. We’ll also be ordering loads of compost from Barr-Tech. Want to host or access a pile in your ‘hood?
  • New Farmers’ Market teams are being formed among neighbors near the Emerson-Garfield, Garland, West Central, Hillyard, and Millwood (and possibly other) markets. Want to share produce, help with neighborhood listening exercises, or volunteer at a booth?
  • As the weather warms up we also plan to host communal meals, food preparation and preservation education, garden tours, etc. Love your help!
  • We’re forming a paid Strategic Planning Team (with a grant from Empire Health Foundation) primarily of BIPOC community members to help us hear the voices of our diverse community and form more equitable plans for community gardening and related food access programs in Spokane. Do you have any recommendations for who could be part of this team? Please let me know by 2/21.

Thank you for your partnership, support, and beautiful acts of treating all of creation more like family. As we continue to grow, we’d love your financial support by donating here.

One thought on “February Updates

  1. Jack with Little Free Pantry Spokane is helping me get one set up in front of my home; I have a small space ready to be amended and planted. I’m hoping start some seeds there asap and expand the space over time as I get the neighboring grass smothered. If you have any resources please let me know! Thank you!


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