Little Free Pantries w/ Youth Build

We are so glad to be partnering with the YouthBuild program to build Little Free Pantries. Steve (left) and his crew, including Ricky (right), have completed 6 and are preparing to build 6 more. We hope to install some this week, but they aren’t all spoken for. Do you know of a good host siteContinue reading “Little Free Pantries w/ Youth Build”

Are You a Neighborhood Connector?

Are you planting a garden this spring? Plan a time for a Planting Party with your neighbors! Whether or not you are or would like to connect with neighbors through community gardening, there are many great ways to help neighbors connect. Are you already doing this? We’d love to hear your stories! Would you likeContinue reading “Are You a Neighborhood Connector?”

New Bicycle Delivery Opportunity!

We are excited to be working with several community partners on a plan to sustainably deliver food to neighbors in need via bicycle! We hope to include fresh produce (maybe even from your garden) and other essentials, as well as an opportunity for neighbors to share compostables that we bike back to community composting hubs.Continue reading “New Bicycle Delivery Opportunity!”


Gigs4good is a not for profit charity operating in Spokane. They provide volunteer assistance with professional, technical, handyman/household projects, and more. In return, “sponsors” donate to gigs4good, and any funds are then transferred in the full amount to a Spokane-based charitable organization. Simply put, gigs4good is fundraising with service and Growing Neighbors is now one ministryContinue reading “gigs4good”

New Food Delivery Program

Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped to feed and care for your neighbors this year! We are excited to share about a great new food delivery service in Spokane that grew out of the Spokane County Food Security Coalition of which Growing Neighbors is a part. This pilot program will last through DecemberContinue reading “New Food Delivery Program”

Little Free Pantries are Spreading!

We recently installed 6 Little Free Pantries in partnership with Caritas and NW Harvest! We have 1 more built and ready to go, and 6 more in process. We love the 24/7, low-barrier food access these pantries provide. We especially love when they are installed by an edible garden to help provide food that isContinue reading “Little Free Pantries are Spreading!”

Spokane Christmas Lights Hunt

It’s the season for Christmas Lights! Join the hunt by using the lights map at If you notice other awesome lights that should be included, contact us! To enter your name for prizes (ages 0-12), sign up by emailing your name and family contact to or by calling 509-327-5522.