Veggie Starts READY to Share!

We’ve grown and gathered a good variety of plant starts that are ready to be planted ASAP. Would you like some? Swing by our greenhouse at 2506 W. Rowan to grab a couple and/or shoot us a message to coordinate a pick up or delivery! Here is an updated list of plants, seeds, and food we have available. You can enjoy them and/or share with your neighbors! Above is our friend Ross from 1st Pres. Church who is sharing some with neighbors in need on the lower South Hill.

Phase 2 = Safe, Healthy Planting Parties!

There is nothing new about how essential it is to grow and share healthy food, but with Washington’s Phase 2 designation we can more confidently proceed with safely gathering in groups with up to 5 people outside of your household to plant, grow, harvest, and share with one another. Join us 5/26, (or any Tuesday) anytime between 4-6:30 p.m. for a fun, safe, planting party. Please wear a mask, bring gloves, and use the restroom before coming.

Johnny & Your Growing Neighbors Family

Giving Tuesday May 5th

We’re thankful for the generosity shown to so many non-profits recently, but we could really use your ongoing support as we help neighbors grow healthy food and relationships. Whether it’s $10 or $110, on-time or monthly, any amount you can share is appreciated. We would love for you to “Adopt A Row, Farmer or Farmyard” through a monthly donation of $25, $50, or $100! You can donate here or through the link below. Here are some specific ways you can help:

  • $25 can buy a flat of plant starts
  • $50 can provide a new raised bed
  • $250 covers a load of soil or compost
  • $2,500 would help us hire a summer intern

Veggie Starts and Seeds READY to Share!

THANK YOU Northwest Harvest and Ken for generously sharing these seeds and starts! We are ready to share them with YOU! Swing by our greenhouse at 2506 W. Rowan to grab a couple and/or shoot us a message to coordinate pic up or delivery! We love sharing seeds and starts so you can share produce with your neighbors!

Pick some up at our Free Community Dinner-2-Go at 5508 N. Alberta Tuesdays from 5-6 pm along with fresh carrots and frozen meals.

Johnny and your Growing Neighbors Family

Is Back to Normal The Best Future?

Have you noticed any surprisingly good side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic such as neighbors safely helping each other in the garden? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Here are

some things we hope will continue even when the order is lifted:

* Relying less on fossil fuels – driving less!
* Relying more on local resources – growing local food!
* Generosity toward strangers – turning strangers into neighbors!
* Caring more for local neighbors – functioning more like family!
* Joy in living more simply – treating the planet more like home!

Johnny and your Growing Neighbors Family

We love carrots, how ’bout you?!

Do you have any carrots in the ground? Can we help you with that? We’d love to equip you to grow and share these and other awesome root vegetables with your neighbors. Check out our carrot tutorial video and let us know what you think. We’d also love to hear your tips and tricks regarding things you love to grow at this time of year!

Johnny and your Growing Neighbors Family