Little Free Pantries w/ Youth Build

We are so glad to be partnering with the YouthBuild program to build Little Free Pantries. Steve (left) and his crew, including Ricky (right), have completed 6 and are preparing to build 6 more. We hope to install some this week, but they aren’t all spoken for. Do you know of a good host site that has high visibility and traffic and isn’t too close to an existing LFP? We love the 24/7, low-barrier food access these pantries provide as well as a way for neighbors to connect and care for one another. We especially love when they are installed by an edible garden to help provide food that is as local and healthy as possible, year-round.

Are You a Neighborhood Connector?

Are you planting a garden this spring? Plan a time for a Planting Party with your neighbors! Whether or not you are or would like to connect with neighbors through community gardening, there are many great ways to help neighbors connect. Are you already doing this? We’d love to hear your stories! Would you like to learn more about how to help your neighbors connect? Let’s talk! If you want to get started, here are a few good questions to ask your neighbors. Keep note of your conversations and look for ways to connect neighbors with similar interests!

  • What do you love about our neighborhood (nh)?
  • What do you think would make our nh better?
  • What are your gifts or things you love to do? Would you enjoy doing that with others in our nh?
  • What skills and passions do you have? Would you be willing to share these with a kid in our nh?
  • What tools and resources do you have that you’d be willing to share with others in our nh?
  • What associations, groups, or clubs are you part of that are connected with our local community?
  • Share about some of your story, gifts, skills, & passions. Conversations can be door to door interviews or organic

New Bicycle Delivery Opportunity!

We are excited to be working with several community partners on a plan to sustainably deliver food to neighbors in need via bicycle! We hope to include fresh produce (maybe even from your garden) and other essentials, as well as an opportunity for neighbors to share compostables that we bike back to community composting hubs. We’re working on locating eager bikers and/or purchasing some e-bikes and trailers to get started this spring. Does any of this get you excited? Want to talk about volunteering, donate money or supplies to help us get moving, or pass this opportunity along to others you think would be interested? We’re glad to be innovatively caring for neighbors and nature with you!


Gigs4good is a not for profit charity operating in Spokane. They provide volunteer assistance with professional, technical, handyman/household projects, and more. In return, “sponsors” donate to gigs4good, and any funds are then transferred in the full amount to a Spokane-based charitable organization.

Simply put, gigs4good is fundraising with service and Growing Neighbors is now one ministry they are willing to donate to! If you need some work done, please consider contacting gigs4good at (509) 290-8705 or so you can get your work done while helping our neighbors grow healthy food and relationships!

New Food Delivery Program

Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped to feed and care for your neighbors this year! We are excited to share about a great new food delivery service in Spokane that grew out of the Spokane County Food Security Coalition of which Growing Neighbors is a part. This pilot program will last through December for sure, and hopefully will continue into 2021. Go to to learn more or sign up to receive food. Also, additional drivers are needed for these contactless deliveries. Call 990-3010 to sign up to help!

We also still have frozen meals and some produce and non-perishables for take-out or delivery throughout the week. Just call 327-5522 or stop by the office and/or Little Free Pantry at 5508 N. Alberta St.

Johnny, Growing Neighbors Director

Little Free Pantries are Spreading!

We recently installed 6 Little Free Pantries in partnership with Caritas and NW Harvest! We have 1 more built and ready to go, and 6 more in process. We love the 24/7, low-barrier food access these pantries provide. We especially love when they are installed by an edible garden to help provide food that is as local and healthy as possible, year-round. Jonathan and his family installed an LFP on their property (including a candy cane dispenser), they are helping to stock others, and they are planning to add a garden nearby this spring! Find food or help stock a pantry at:

  • Shadle Park Presbyterian Church
  • 2506 W. Rowan Ave.
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Emmaus Church
  • Salem Lutheran Church
  • St. Francis of Assisi Church
  • St. Andrews Episcopal Church
  • Fowler United Methodist
  • Northside Church of Christ
  • Neurotherapy Northwest
  • 4017 W. Queen Ave.
  • 6718 N. Wall St.
  • 2603 W. Broad
  • 3005 W. Rowan Ave.
  • W. 2330 Sharp Ave.
  • 1428 W. Broadway Ave.

Do you know of others? Please let us know! Can you help fund, build, paint, install, host, stock, or locate a good site for an LFP? Let’s keep reducing transportation barriers to nutritious food!

Neighborly in the Winter?

We often get questions about how Growing Neighbors keeps functioning in the colder months. This is obviously even harder during a pandemic, but there are lots of ways to be a good neighbor even when you can’t grow food to share. Apart from food box deliveries and Little Free Pantries, here are a few ideas:

  • Flock someone’s front door (thanks to whoever did this to us!)
  • Make meals or treats and drop them off on a doorstep
  • Send a card, email, text or message your favorite way
  • Enjoy a socially distanced walk together outside
  • Help with snow shoveling or de-snow/icing a car (carefully)
  • Use your imagination and share your gifts, passions & skills

Recent Grant Award!

We are excited to announce that the Audubon-Downriver Neighborhood Council received a grant from Live Local INW for gardening supplies from local businesses. We are happy to be partnering with the council to make these purchases and spread some community gardening love. If there is anything you need to start or expand your garden, let us know. Also, if you are able to contribute to continuing to expand the movement to help neighbors grow healthy food and relationships, we’d love for you to make a year-end or recurring gift in the Growing Neighbors box here.

Spokane Christmas Lights Hunt

It’s the season for Christmas Lights! Join the hunt by using the lights map at If you notice other awesome lights that should be included, contact us!

To enter your name for prizes (ages 0-12), sign up by emailing your name and family contact to or by calling 509-327-5522.