Tour de Farms 2020: Virtually

Tour de Farms 2020: Shannon!

We started dabbling in gardening about 15 years ago but became more intentional about it 7 years ago. We were introduced to growing neighbors several years ago and greatly appreciated their passion for growing food and making fresh food available to all. More about Shannon’s Garden.

Ridgeview Community Garden 5610 North Maple

Multiple years of partnership with GN and opportunities to receive grants helped us get started on this new garden project. Establishing a core group of staff and parents is supporting the mission of having an active, accessible space for the community to gather and grow. More about the Ridgeview Community Garden.

Dorene’s Farmyard

I’ve been living in this house for a long time, back since when my parents owned it. They, my folks, did vegetable gardening, but I never really have. That’s why I was excited to connect with Johnny through my neighborhood council meeting 3 years ago. Even though I did not know how to garden, it was good to have the opportunity for younger people to come in and use the space! More about Dorene’s Farmyard.

Shirley’s Farmyard

I have gardened since I was five years old! As for connecting with GN, I got involved pretty close to the start of it 2-3 years ago. More about Shirley’s Farmyard.

Angela’s Farmyard (Shirley’s neighbor)

I enjoy growing drought-tolerant plants like herbs and succulents, as well as my “fruit cocktail” tree, which is a plum tree with other three other fruit grafted onto it. As for new steps, I am trying to plant a mobile orange tree that can be put indoors in the winter! Shirley helps me with my garden. Shirley is my next door neighbor, and there is another neighbor across the street who grows a lot.

Aletha and Dave’s Farmyard

We’d love to connect with neighbors in need of produce or those that might like to help with some gardening! Contact Aletha and Dave at 509-280-2125.

The Edmondson’s Family Farmyard

We started growing food in our yard about 15 years ago. We started out with a few strawberry plants and then moved on to dabbling with things like tomatoes and zucchini. We’ve been working with GN from the beginning back in the fall of ’16. More about the Edmondson’s Farmyard.

Emily’s Farmyard

We’ve been involved in gardening at various points of our life, but got into contact with Johnny and Growing Neighbors through Whitworth University and their Office of Church Engagement! That was something like 2 years ago. . . More about Emily’s Farmyard.

Angela’s Front yard Farmyard
Carey’s Farmyard

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One of our awesome Garfield parents shows us around the garden.
Taking a tour with Noelle, Matt and Alyssa about gardening dreams with raised beds and hypothetical blueberries!
More about Alyssa and Matt’s Farmyard
A quick tour of Emily’s farmyard space, including some healthy zucchini and chicken coops!
A tour of Kerry’s front and back gardens, including beets, sunflowers, and a weed-based “compost tea!”
More about Kerry’s Garden
A quick tour of Arlene’s raised-bed farmyard, featuring Daniel and Johnny! We are planting some potatoes, and may pick some raspberries in the future . . .
More about Arlene’s Garden
Taking a quick tour with Vanessa and Co. and learning about the “Three Sisters,” planting pumpkins in Spokane, and how to get kids and youth involved in the growing process!
More about Vanessa’s Garden
Take a look at our northwest farm plot!
More about Terri and Phil’s Farmyard

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