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Our Mission

Growing healthy neighborhoods through
urban farming and community development.

Growing Neighbors…

is about partnering with local organizations in growing relationships and produce with our neighbors to encourage healthier lifestyles. The primary goal is developing “Neighborhood Families”. We want to see neighbors sharing meals and resources, using their gifts to care for each others’ needs and generally functioning like an extended family.

Some additional goals include increasing food access, food and fitness education, exercise, mentoring, job training, environmental stewardship and waste reduction. The primary means to accomplishing these goals is partnering with other community organizations to equip neighbors of all ages and ability levels to lead an urban farming movement in our local neighborhoods.

These urban farmers will help their fellow neighbors turn their yards into “Farmyards.” The produce grown will be shared with the Farmyard owner, the families of the farmers, and other local neighbors. Volunteers will also gain business skills by selling produce at local farmers’ markets. We will intentionally pair farmers as close as possible to their homes. This will encourage lasting relationships and mentorships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you do with the food you grow?
    • Those who grow it or provide the land can use and enjoy the food they need.
    • Most of the food is given away to neighbors who need it.
    • Some is sold at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market as a way to build relationships with and care for folks in the E-G neighborhood.
  • How can I get involved?
    • Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page or contact us using the contact info at the bottom of any page on this site. Fill out the volunteer application to give us more info about you so we can help you get connected more quickly. You can also schedule a visit at your place or one of ours to get to know each other better and talk through ways to get involved!
  • How often do volunteers need to work?
    • Volunteers can be involved as often as they’d like! Some folks have helped for a couple of hours once a year and others have helped for multiple hours on a weekly basis. If you are involved with a local Farmyard Team we recommend you meet at your Farmyard at least one hour a week. Check out our calendar for upcoming gatherings/opportunities.
  • If my land is available, will GN come farm my land for me?
    • Our main goal is help neighbors build healthy relationships. We would love for your land to be used to grow healthy food, but we’d like to start by helping you build a Farmyard Team that can grow and share healthy food and relationships for years to come.
  • What do I do if I want to start a new farmyard?
    • Contact us! We’ll get together to talk through the details, help you develop and carry out a plan to form a Farmyard Team with your neighbors, and figure out the timing and resources needed to get started.
  • If I need some healthy food, how can I get some from GN?
  • Does GN have any resources I can use in my Farmyard/garden?
    • Yes! We are developing a Tool Sharing Shed and Resource Hub including a pile of compost and wood chips/mulch. We have a growing team of volunteers that we can invite to teach you a specific skill or possibly come help with a specific project. We also usually have some seeds and/or plant starts to share!

Office Address and Phone

Shadle Park Presbyterian Church
5508 North Alberta St.
Spokane, WA 99205

Growing Neighbors is an initiative of Shadle Park Presbyterian Church.
2020 Growing Neighbors

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