Alyssa and Matt’s Garden

When did you start growing food and why did you become involved with Growing Neighbors?

We got into gardening about a year and a half ago because we were drawn to the Growing Neighbors mission of sharing space and sharing food with people outside of our family.

What do you like to grow?

We haven’t had a lot of time to grow for several seasons, but so far we have enjoyed growing peppers and tomatoes a lot!

What is your favorite dish to cook with your fresh produce?

Salads, as well as roasting peppers and making different sauces.

Who else is involved in the farmyard & related neighbor connections (i.e. friends, family, neighbors)?

We recently moved, but when we were growing food at our other house we were trying to connect with a neighbor who showed some interest in it.

Would you like to have neighbors contact you to help out or to harvest and enjoy the produce?

Yeah, we would definitely be comfortable with that and look forward to it!

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