Ridgeview Community Garden

When did you start growing food and why did you become involved with Growing Neighbors?

Multiple years of partnership with GN and opportunities to receive grants helped us get started on this new garden project. Establishing a core group of staff and parents is supporting the mission of having an active, accessible space for the community to gather and grow.

What do you like to grow?

Hybrid utilizing native plants of the region, experiential learning from seed to plant. Students can eat and take home to families. Edibles, natives, and native edibles.

What is your favorite dish to cook from your fresh produce/garden goods?

TBD…plant sale, send kids home with good things to grow in the summer as well as plants kids can harvest in the fall. Some early spring salad plants as well.

Who else is involved in the farmyard & related neighbor connections (i.e. friends, family, neighbors)?

Right now our backyard garden is primarily accessed and maintained by our family. We have intentions to make our front yard accessible to growing neighbors in the future.GN, Farmers’ Market connection with higher grades. Work with local businesses as partners. PTO fully supports. Survey to families – 99% support. Want it to be an open space for families to come through and learn, but also access the fresh produce grown. Maybe certain staffed hours for help.

Would you like to have neighbors contact you to help out or to harvest and enjoy the produce?

We always have excess tomatoes, grapes, and cucumbers so feel free to contact us.After school hours and weekends or holidays for neighbors. Yes please!

Connect Tim for more information: email: timoh@spokaneschools.org or 509-354-3962.

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