Neighborhood Connections

We are partnering with a wide variety of individuals, businesses, non-profits, schools, local government employees. Here is a sampling of those partners. We’ll add more as we ask for permission to share their information on the web.

Ziggy’s became a partner in 2018 when they decided to donate a new tool shed as well as a plethora of 5 gallon buckets. We have loved the new functionality and storage space these resources have provided and we continue to enjoy the ability to purchase products at a significant discount. Thanks Ziggy’s!

ShareFarm became a partner in 2017 when we discovered our mutual passions for serving the people of Spokane by providing access to healthy, local food. We have provided help sharing each other’s stories and are working together on mobile phone app functions that will help people find food as well as opportunities to connect with neighbors and care for nature. Thanks ShareFarm!

River Ridge Hardware became a partner in 2017 by providing an opportunity to use pumpkins that remained unsold at Halloween. We have since received donated plant starts as well as a generous discount on all of our purchases. We plan to team up on future training opportunities as well. Thanks River Ridge!

Ritter’s became a partner in 2017 when they donated a wide variety of seeds. They have also helped share the GN story and we have ongoing conversation about future partnership opportunities. Thanks Ritter’s!

Pantry Fuel became a partner in 2017 through connections with Shadle Park High School’s athletics programs. They have come out to do a cooking demonstration, volunteered with multiple events, and helped recruit student volunteers to get involved as well. Thanks Pantry Fuel!

NW Harvest became a partner in 2016 when they helped us procure seed donations from some of their other partners in feeding the state of WA. We have continued to enjoy donations of seeds and help sharing our story with their spheres of influence. They are also involved in conversations about creative ways to distribute locally grown food to neighbors in need in creative, relational ways. Thanks NW Harvest!

Judy’s Enchanted Garden became a partner in 2017 when they decided to donate plant seeds and plant starts. They have continued to donate in subsequent years and also provide a discount on plant start orders. Judy and her staff have also offered some great gardening tips. Thanks Judy’s!

Home Depot became a partner in 2017 when they donated some of their merchandise for us to use wherever needed most. They have continued to provide a donation in subsequent years and we look forward to continuing this partnership. Thanks Home Depot!

Office Address and Phone

Shadle Park Presbyterian Church
5508 North Alberta St.
Spokane, WA 99205

Growing Neighbors is an initiative of Shadle Park Presbyterian Church.
2020 Growing Neighbors

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