Terri and Phil’s Garden

When did you start growing food and why did you become involved with Growing Neighbors?

This is our third year growing food. We started the garden when my husband Phil retired in 2018.

What do you like to grow?

Tomatillos are new to our garden this year and they are doing very well. Otherwise we have lots of tomatoes, potatoes and corn!

What is your favorite dish to cook from your fresh produce/garden goods?

We preserve most of our tomatoes. We’ve gotten quite good at it 🙂

Who else is involved in the farmyard & related neighbor connections (i.e. friends, family, neighbors)?

Just the two of us – Terri & Phil Echegoyen

Would you like to have neighbors contact you to help out or to harvest and enjoy the produce?

Yes but, we are some distance out of town.

Contact Terri for more information: Terri.Echegoyen@gmail.com

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