Shirley’s Garden

When did you start growing food and why did you become involved with Growing Neighbors?

I have gardened since I was five years old! As for connecting with GN, I got involved pretty close to the start of it 2-3 years ago

What do you like to grow?

I enjoy growing peas and tomatoes, as well as berries of any kind! I like to try new things every year- where to plant, how to plant- but this year I’m trying out growing lingonberries. Next year I may try planting more native, drought-tolerant plants.

What is your favorite dish to cook from your fresh produce/garden goods?

I like to can beans and tomatoes, which allows me to make some nice spaghetti and casseroles

Who else is involved in the farmyard & related neighbor connections (i.e. friends, family, neighbors)?

I have some great next door neighbors that also garden- Angela, as well as my neighbors Maryanne and Ron.

Would you like to have neighbors contact you to help out or to harvest and enjoy the produce?

I have three jobs, so I tend to be fairly busy! But maybe in the future.

Text Shirley at: 509-279-8799

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